Quadratair is a leading manufacturer of Air Handling Units (AHU) in Europe. The top level of equipment is ensured by using high quality components and subassemblies, and by using the best software selection and production.

Integrated software selection, airCalc ++, contains an extensive database and can respond to any needs, based on wide range of possible Air Handling Units configuration. Production system offers solutions for configuration: 1,000 ÷ 100.000mc / h (or higher) or hygienic standard, simple air flow, adjacent or overlapping primary filter, fine and absolute energy recovery in countercurrent or rotary humidification or dehumidifying, noise abatement, etc..

The Quadratair factory includes the selection and production technologies, optimizing equipment for use in any conditions imposed by the designer.

Air Handling Unit - Quadratair

  • Standard and hygienic applications
  • Modular equipment: 38 size (QA 1.1 ÷ QA 11.9)
  • Air flow: 1.000 ÷ 100.000 m3/h (+)
  • Panels: 25mm, 50mm, 60mm
  • Construction: horizontal, vertical, stacked, side by side units
  • Installation: indoor, outdoor
  • Selection and execution with the most performance software


  • Flexibility in selection and design
  • Large range of possible applications
  • The multitude of configurations depending of application
  • High quality assemblies parts